Seven Long Haircuts for Women

Seven Long Haircuts for Women

To help you understand better the idea of long haircuts for women, we will give you classic color examples that will make you want to dump your hairstyle for one of the long hairstyles you are about to learn right now.

Sharply-angled strands, straight and touchable curls are most feminine and gorgeous when they are kept long. This inspirational collection of long hairstyles will make you drop that scissor and let your curls to grow, but if you are lucky to have kept your hair long, sit down, relax, and take a look down these beautiful long haircuts and hair shades.

  1. Long Ash Blonde Hair

Pixie might be the classic option for the ladies in their forties, but it is not the end by itself. Maintain those tresses elongated as possible. The layers cascade down with a catchy light thanks to the well done cut and bright highlights.

  1. Grey Layered Hairstyle

Long haircuts can be edgy. In case of this style, it rocks with a blend of textured layers and piecey bangs. Applying an aluminized color such as grey can transform your entire look and feel fresh. Just make sure the dull shade is perfectly paired with lively makeup colors to brighten your appearance.

  1. Voluminous Bubble Gum Curls

Oh yes, beautiful! That color is luscious enough to test. Incorporating unnatural shade such as pink with natural hue such as blonde is a guaranteed way to achieve a bright hair. The results are astonishingly sexy, apart from being merely overwhelming.

  1. Cool-Toned Balayage

If you are blessed with long hair, you will need to think of allocating more time for your hair care. There is a lot of hair to style, wash, and brush. This is the point where casual, tousled is applied. Coming up with a disorganized, imperfect curl is much quicker than trying to pull off suitable curls on long hair.

  1. Shiny Blonde with Faded Roots

The ideal long hairstyles for women are fuss-free and effortless to style. This look incorporates extended side bangs and gorgeous layers and does not require you to spend much of your time on the mirror in the morning. You need to use a broad brush to blow-dry the hair in the front while curling it away from your face.

  1. Long Vibrant Purple Dye

Black hair is always beautiful, particularly when it is styled well and moisturized so that the dark color can shine. Most importantly, the shade offers an exceptional base for sassy highlights, dip dyes and peekaboo. So, take your long dark locks to the next level with your most preferred bright color.

  1. Glossy Chocolate Curls

Having long haircuts shouldn’t be an excuse for heavy or weighted down locks, which is a common problem about the long hair. Choosing the right cut complemented with a perfect blowout makes the long hair light. Have regular cuts to keep the trimmings neat.

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