The Alouettes Bow After a Great Battle

a great battle

(98.5 Sports) – The Montreal Alouettes defeated the Edmonton Eskimos in the first half but could not do so in the second half of the match and suffered a 23- 19 at the Commonwealth Stadium.

Quarterback Mike Reilly of the Eskimos, who had been the victim of the ineptitude of his recipients in the first half, led the offensive of his in the second half.

The Eskimos scored 17 points following an 11-yard Travon Van run in the third quarter and a four-yard touchdown pass at Adarius Bowman in the fourth.

Meanwhile, the Alouettes had to settle for six points on Boris Bédé’s placements.

The Alouettes got bad penalties, especially in the third quarter, and they had to settle for an investment while they were at the Eskimo rod.

Darian Durant was the victim of an interception.

A quarter of the Alouettes completed 14 of 25 passes for 166 yards, but only 31 in the second half.

The ground attack of the Alouettes gained 106 yards.

On the Eskimos side, Reilly led the attack to a total of 366 yards. He completed 27 of his 36 assists for 286 yards. The Eskimos’ ground wins totaled 80 yards.

The Alouettes (1-1) conceded a seventh straight defeat against the Eskimos (2-0).Their last victory in Edmonton was on October 5, 2013.

First quarter

Darian Durant showed that he quickly adapted to his receivers by completing his first five passes.

Durant finally joined Tiquan Underwood on a distance of 22 yards for the first touchdown of the match.

Bédé managed the convert and the Alouettes took the lead 7-0 at 8:17 of the first quarter.

It was the defense of the Alouettes to signal the possession of the Eskimos ball when John Bowman covered the escape of John White to the line of 37 Eskimos.

Bédé added three points on a precision kick on the last game of the first quarter.

Second Quarter

The Alouettes were lucky at the beginning of the quarter. The inserted half Adarius Bowman escaped a perfect pass from Reilly while he was completely alone at the 23 line of the Alouettes.

Later, it was Brandon Zylstra’s turn to see the ball slip from his hands on another beautiful pass from Reilly, but this time in the end zone.

The Eskimos had to settle for a 13-yard placement by Sean Whyte, the former Alouettes.

With 1:08, Whyte added another placement a distance of 43 yards.

The Alouettes had not said their last word and Durant joined BJ Cunningham with a 29-yard pass to bring the ball to the line of 21 Eskimos. They could not add a touchdown, but Bédé managed his second placement a distance of 33 yards.

Durant completed nine of his 13 passes for 112 yards, while the ground race allowed the Alouettes to win 68 yards.

For his part, Reilly completed 13 of his 19 assists for 135 yards. The Eskimos had 29 yards in the race.

Third quarter

The Eskimos attack started at the start of the second half.

Reilly allowed his team to cross the field and the sequence ended with Travon Van’s 11-yard run in the end zone.

Whyte however missed the convert when the ball hit the post.

The Alouettes took advantage of the Eskimos penalties to get to the one-yard line, but the Montreal team ended up with too many players on the field and was given a 10-yard penalty.

Another five-yard penalty for offside caused the Alouettes to retreat to the 16-yard line.

Tyrell Sutton caught a short pass and avoided a tackle to cross the goal area …, which was canceled by another penalty.

Bédé finally scored three points with a 24-yard placement with 4:30 to play in the third quarter, but the Alouettes dropped valuable points.

Whyte scored 55 yards, the longest of his career, to narrow the gap to a point with 30 seconds to play a quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Kenny Ladler intercepted a pass from Durant, who was in a hurry, in the middle of the field and brought the ball back to the Alouettes’ 34 line.

On the next play, John Bowman remained lying on the ground and it looked bad in point.

Adarius Bowman allowed the Eskimos to take the lead for the first time in the match by capturing a four-yard pass from Reilly.

The Eskimos managed their two-point convert to take the lead 23-16 with 9:52 to play.

Bédé managed his fourth punt precision the encounter from a distance of 46 yards to bring the score 23-19 with less than eight minutes to play.


Jacques Chapdelaine’s team began their season well by winning 17-16 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Percival Molson Stadium last Thursday.

Even though the mood of the troops is excellent, the Alouettes still have a lot to prove, and center player Luc Brodeur-Jourdain sees the Eskimos’ strong defense as a major challenge.

Quarterback Darian Durant was in his first game with the Alouettes and must develop a new synergy with his offensive line.

The veteran center claims that the team finally has a quarter who has confidence in its means, who is able to distribute the ball well and who makes decisions quickly.

On the other hand, Brodeur-Jourdain is impressed by Chapdelaine’s thoroughness and attention to detail, who has retained the responsibility of the coordinator for the attack.

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