The Benefits of Scrapping Your Car

The Benefits of Scrapping Your Car

Recycling your vehicle is now easier than it ever has been. Rather than having to know someone in the trade or spend an age flicking through your Yellow Pages, all that is required of you is to take a quick look online and find your nearest scrap yard.

You will often find that they will be more than happy to even pick your car up from a location of your choice, saving you the hassle of having to drive it or get it towed there yourself.

There are several reasons why scrapping your car might be a good idea so let us enlighten you.

Your Car Is No Longer Economical to Repair

Cars break down; that is just a fact of life. The trouble lies where a vehicle you own has reached a certain age where the cost to repair it may surpass the value of the vehicle. This is likely to be the case if your car needs a new gearbox, a new engine, or has developed some other fault which will cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds to fix.

In these instances, your car is still worth a bit of money by way of its scrap value. Even if it can’t be driven under its own steam. The metal body and chassis of your car can be recycled for use elsewhere as can most of its components – for this reason, scrap yards will be willing to pay you to take your car away.

Environmentally Friendly

All scrap yards have to have obtained a licence to process vehicles for recycling. This licence is important because it tells you that your old vehicle is going to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

This means that;

  • Your tyres will be recycled instead of thrown into a landfill site.
  • The hazardous components of your car such as coolant, brake fluid and engine oil will be disposed of responsibly.
  • Your car battery and any refrigerant will also be disposed of responsibly.

Hopefully these factors will be a weight off your mind as much of your vehicle is reused as possible instead of contributing to further environmental pollution. If you’re in the Midlands, simply get in touch with an ATF scrap yard in Birmingham who will be happy to assist. You will find that most will be happy to provide you with a remuneration quote over the phone.

Money for Your Old Car

The most attractive aspect of recycling any vehicle is the payout that you will receive once it has been taken away. This amount will depend on the age, mileage and value of your car so we suggest ringing around or making use of the internet to find the best quote. You will often receive a payment on the same day by way of bank transfer, meaning that you won’t be left waiting around for your money.

The quicker your old vehicle is off the road, the quicker you can start enjoying your new one.

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