The Best Bodybuilders

The Best Bodybuilders

We all know the guys at the gym who are half-hearted lifting weights while checking their phones between the sets, and then downing a protein shake from a posh mug. Then, they go all about how and whom they should be competing. Let’s not deny that every person can build up a legit amount of muscle mass if they put in massive efforts. However, we cannot change the facts – there’s a huge difference between bodybuilders and the usual casual gym goer. So, let’s see the best bodybuilders of all time!

The first place goes to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Seven times Mr. Olympia from 1970 to 1975, and 1980, Arnold steals the first place on this list. This man has been the face of bodybuilding since he won his first Olympia alongside the hearts of the nation. Mr. Schwarzenegger’s successful career speaks for itself; actor, former bodybuilder, filmmaker, businessman, author, investor and politician. His charismatic personality and positive mentality, and his incredible physique makes him one of the best bodybuilders of all time. And, his long started at the young age of 19 when he won the title of Mr. Europe.

In second place we have Ronnie Coleman

The bodybuilding world was shocked when Ronnie Coleman won his first Mr. Olympia title in 1998, and he kept the title until 2005 by winning again and again. He simply stole the show from Shawn Ray, Nasser El Sonbaty, and Kevin Levrone who kept winning the title for years. It could be because of his 800lb squat despite his police career or simply his masculinity which makes the crowd go WOW. It looks like he invested years and sweat to steal the title, until he retired. To note that during his career, he won more than 20 bodybuilding titles like Mr. Texas (1990), Mr. Brody Langley (2000) and many more!

Lee Hanley steals the third place

Before Lee Hanley, it was either size or conditioning, but he brought both to the stage. This bodybuilder had unmatched muscularity and stellar shape. Even if he won the Mr. Olympia title eight times, he hasn’t received much recognition from the public. Nevertheless, his career path puts him third on this list. Hanley weighed 250 pounds and was bigger than any of his competitors, and yet, he walked the stage with his 8-pack and razor-sharp cuts each time. Despite many trying, they haven’t been able to accomplish the size and vascularity of Hanley – he took bodybuilding training to another level.

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