The Best Military Heritage Experiences

The Best Military Heritage Experiences

With Remembrance Day just gone, now seemed like the perfect time to look at what wonderful military history heritage was available in the UK. If you’re fascinated by all things military or want to educate your children on the realities and facts of conflict and war, then here are some world-class attractions to visit:

RAF Museum, Cosford

For all aviation lovers, this museum is a must. You’ll discover interactive exhibitions, a large collection of important aircraft and numerous galleries to explore. Collections include war planes, missiles, dog fight flight simulators and a wealth of information about the forming and history of the Royal Air Force. It might the youngest of our armed forces but is the oldest in the world.

Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth

For those who are drawn by a life on the ocean, the historic docks at Portsmouth are home to this museum which tells the tale of the history of our Royal Navy. You’ll find interactive, multi-media exhibits detailing the first sea battle involving King Alfred in 882 to the modern role of the navy, its incredible technology and its role in fighting international trafficking and piracy. A gallery is devoted to the two World Wars which tell touching personal accounts as well as facts and figures.

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The Fleet Air Arm Museum, Somerset

The planes of the Royal Navy are celebrated here in four large spaces demonstrating different aspects of naval aviation from the very first manned kites to the amazing capabilities of modern day helicopters. You’ll see planes from WWII, harriers and old airships alongside interactive theatre experiences of life aboard the HMS Ark Royal. Climb inside Concorde and see what the cockpit looked like whilst learning how this remarkable plane travelled at twice the speed of sound.

The Tank Museum, Dorset

Tanks were first seen during the First World War, a proud British invention that really saw its day during the Second World War. The Tank Museum contains the biggest collection of armoured vehicles on earth. Cutting-edge technology is used to tell the story of the tank and you’ll also discover an arena for seeing tanks in action. There’s also a Trench Experience and a special exhibition telling the stories of the tank crews of World War I in their own words. Why not take your tank experience one step further and drive one yourself? For more information on this once-in-a-lifetime activity, book a Tank Driving Day at Armourgeddon

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National Army Museum, London

This fascinating museum takes us right back to the soldiers of 1066 and the Norman Conquest. The exhibitions cover the changing face of warfare and the evolution of the role of the soldier. You’ll discover plenty of interactive exhibits, the opportunity to try on different uniforms and hold objects such as chain mail and a cannon ball. The tale of what it took to defend our country, build an empire and now protect peace across the world is told brilliantly through archive footage, photos and videos.

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