The Golden Rules for Growing a Beard

Read This Before You Start Growing Out Your Facial Hair

Do you dream of the day that you can show off a magnificent beard to the world? Perhaps it will be short and trimmed with military precision or maybe you will leave it long so that it flows in the wind.

If you want this magical day to finally come along then there are a few golden rules that you need to follow first of all. Stick to the following tips and you won’t go wrong.

Don’t Rush It

Don’t you just hate having to sit around waiting patiently for those reluctant hairs to sprout? There’s no gentle way of saying this, growing a beard takes time and patience.

There is no magic solution that will make your beard grow more quickly. Therefore, it is a question of being patient and letting nature works its charms on you.

Make Your Beard Feel at Home

Growing out a beard seems like it should be the most natural thing in the world but you should do your part. For some men, the first few weeks of beard growth can be uncomfortable. Several factors can cause this. Your skin can be dry. When you were shaving, your skin was probably moisturized by the shaving lotion or possibly even after shaving lotion. Now that you are letting your beard grow, your skin may miss that moisture. Use a gentle product to condition and moisturize your skin to keep it feeling great.

Another issue is the first stages of beard growth can be itchy. This is either caused by dry skin or by the beard hairs curling back and poking your skin. Once your beard grows out more this should no longer be an issue. In the meantime, apply a conditioner or beard oil to soften the hairs. Beard grooming kits have all the tools you’ll need to nurture your facial hair now and keep it in looking fabulous once it grows out. A grooming kit can be a great investment in the future comfort and style of your beard.

Don’t Trim or Shave Too Early

You will probably be tempted to shave or trim your beard fairly early on in the process, as most people are. In a lot of cases, this is down to the common belief that shaving helps to promote beard growth.

This isn’t true and all you will be doing is making it harder for the beard to come through. There will be plenty of time for beard grooming later on but you shouldn’t start until around 6 weeks or so have passed.

This can be the toughest aspect of all of growing a beard for some people. The temptation to rush in and shave or trim your early growth can be almost overwhelming but you have to fight the urge.

Live Healthily

Did you know that living as healthily as possible can also be a help in growing a beard speedily? Things like eating well, getting plenty of exercise and sleeping enough hours will all play their part in helping you.

There are all areas that will help to either boost your testosterone levels or else improve the flow of blood to carry nutrients around your body more effectively. Weight training to build up your strength is said to be particularly effective.

Of course, by following these pieces of advice you will feel the benefits in more ways in just the growing of a lavish, healthy set of whiskers. You will also feel stronger and fitter too.

Don’t Get Stressed

Lastly, one thing that can stop beard growth in its tracks is stress. If you are stressed out then this can affect your body in a number of ways, such as the constriction your blood vessels and the lowering of testosterone levels.

If you want your beard to grow and soon be bristling away merrily on your face then you need to try and relax. You can take pleasure from seeing it progress, which should help you to get great about life rather than get stressed.

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