Things That You Must Do in your Short Trip to Goa

Things That You Must Do in your Short Trip to Goa

Goa is a destinationwhich offers numerous opportunities to have fun. There are a variety of entertainment options and things to do in Goawhichcanenthral every adventure lover. Though it is famously known as the land of beaches, travelers from all over the globe find Goa as the perfect destination for indulging in many magnificent activities in water as well as on land. Adults and kids equally participate in the various activitiesfound in Goa.

Apart from the beaches and the sunrise views, there aremany activities that you must indulge in during your short trip to Goa, such as:

  1. Snorkelling

A Goan touris incomplete withoutsnorkelling as it is one of the most enjoyable water sports that every tourist coming to Goa wishes to experience. The Goan beaches are an ideal location for snorkelling. Snorkelling is almost like swimming, butit involves some waterequipmentsuch as a breathing tube and a diving mask. However, the availability of snorkellingin Goa is limited to specific months every year,and if you plan to do snorkelling on your Goa trip, then you need to check for the availability and plan accordingly. The most popular destination for snorkellingis Bogmalo Beach which is located on the southern coast of Goa.

  1. Try Out the Famous Fish Thali

Fish thali is a Goa staple,and almost every local dhabahas it on their menu. The delicious thali consists of fish curry, a piece of fried fish, vegetable curry or dal, rice, and pickle. One of the best places to try this thali in Goa isStarlight in Arpora. The fishescooked at Starlight are fresh catches,and the cost of this wholesome meal is just Rs. 200.Usually, these famous thalis are only available for lunch,but if you are lucky, you can sometimes find it after a night of drinking out.

  1. Parasailing

There is no dearthof water activities and water sports in Goa as it is home to many stunning beaches. Some adventure junkies come to Goa tospecifically indulge in exhilarating and thrilling water-based sports. One of best water sports offered by the main beaches of Goa is parasailing. It involves flying high above the blue water of the Arabian Sea and experiencing an out of the world feeling.

  1. Canyoning

A highadrenaline pumping and adventure driven activity, Canyoning is one of the extreme activities in Goa which is mainly for the hardcore adventure lovers. The activity involves jumping into a gushing waterfall and allowingoneself to be carried downstream along with the water flow. This activity is exclusively available in the calming environs of the Netravali wildlife sanctuary which is near the southernmost part of Goa.

  1. Quad Biking

There are certain activities in Goa that have nothing to do with water and beaches; one such activity is quad biking. There are somemultiple quad bike tour planners in Goa offering the quality bikes. The most commonly used bike isthe 200 CC quad bike which issuitable for all types of riders. Beginners and experienced riders can both feel the excitement while making rounds of mud road rides or bumpy rides.

Goa is one tourist destination which never gets boring,and you will want to visit it again and again! People who are planning a short trip to Goa can have the most of their journeyas the Mumbai to Goa flights distance is very short,and this will save them a lot of time. Also, while you are here, you should try all the activities mentioned above during your short trip so that you enjoy every second of it.

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