Third Party Audit Companies in China

Third Party Audit Companies in China

China is an exporter of finished and semi-finished goods. It has many factories, technologies and work forces to supply those goods at cheaper price. Yet the demand is high for the made in China products from all over the world. This makes it a severe internal completion within the China industries. It is advisable to do a factory audit in China to check your supplier has such capacity to deliver the goods on time. You can search online and make a list of third-party inspection companies. You can hire the top rated audit company to conduct a basic or complete factory audit.

Inspection Agency in China

The inspection agencies in China are of local audit companies and international audit companies. Locally you can find many audit offices in the industrial areas and in the main cities. They have branches all over the China to meet the audit demand of the companies, who have more than one unit functioning in different locations. In such case, same day audit can happen for a company. They are registered firms and do as per the rules and regulation of the industrial policy China. They follow strict ISO standards. They appoint qualified and experienced staffs. They use the latest audit techniques by-.

  • Preparing appropriate factory audit checklist
  • Industrial safety audit
  • Manufacturing process audit
  • Quality control inspection services
  • Basic Factory Audits
  • Complete Factory Audits
  • Pre-shipment inspection in China
  • Same day factory audit report.

They may charge according to your audit requirements. If you have more than one unit, you have to inform them in advance. Some of the audit companies in China will not charge for their transportation and other allowances. This can happen if you have plants in different locations. They do same day audit by sending the auditors from their branch office in those regions.

  • The auditors of local and international companies speak Chinese and English.
  • They draft your audit report in Chinese and English.
  • They do support with photos and video report if necessary in audit reporting.

You can book them online form their official website. You can also call them and discuss to audit your vendors and suppliers. They are friendly people to work with in China. You can sing a contract, which will be cheaper to use them for further audit and inspection services.

The factory audit in China is most happening compliance concept with the industries and their allied parties. The competition within China industries is much high that you need to verify your suppliers factory. You must also audit their other legal aspects of the industry. This will ensure better product quality and services. It is advisable to search for the top 10 audit companies in China and hire the best one. You must review their services and go with the best-rated audit service providers in China. A periodic audit will ensure for a better check of your suppliers. It will see they meet your deadlines and supply the product on time with quality.

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