Tips for Staying Fit Using Horticulture

Tips for Staying Fit Using Horticulture

Not everyone is inclined to go to the gym on a regular basis, most people prefer to keep fit using other forms of physical activity. Gardening is a great way of staying healthy, especially as we begin to age. It is a low impact form of exercise, that is also a great hobby. There are many ways to keep fit while gardening, here are two suggestions to get you started.

Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Gardening isn’t just good physically good for your health, it is also great for your mental wellbeing. Being close to nature is great for relaxing your mind and letting go of stress. It helps you to focus on tasks, allowing your brain to release feel good hormones, which have a positive impact on your body. Frequently embracing nature by gardening is great for your psychological state, it has a calming effect on your mind, helping you to deal with stress and anxiety.

Walk Behind Lawnmowers

The best way of keeping healthy in the garden is to use a walk behind mower to cut the grass. Try to avoid employing a gardener to cut your lawn, get out the mower on a regular basis and do the job by yourself. Even if you have a robotic mower, try to invest in a manually operated walk behind mower. Use this machine as often as possible, it will help to build up your stamina and aerobic capacity. You can even alternate between the two, one day you can use the robot mower and the other day take out the push lawnmower.

Another option is to work in unison, programme your robotic mower to look after one half of your garden, while you attend to the other. That way you get the job done quicker and you also get an excellent cardiovascular workout. Once you build up your fitness levels, you can put the automatic mower away and attempt to cut the whole yard manually. There are plenty of places to purchase a push lawnmower in Northern Ireland, they are an inexpensive gardening tool that can-do wonders for your health.

Manually mowing the lawn is estimated to burn over 150 calories over a 30-minute period. Manual push lawnmowers can be used without a collection bag, so you can rake the cuttings and burn even more calories.

Digging Up Weeds

Digging up weeds and planting new flowers is a challenging physical activity, it is a great way of improving your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. A short stint in the garden with a digger can burn anywhere from 200 – 300 calories at a time. Digging up weeds and planting can be sore on your knees, so it is important to use knee pads and continue to move while working.

Both of the tasks which have been highlighted in this article are great for improving your fitness and helping to keep a healthy mind. A push lawnmower is an inexpensive gardening tool that can be used to great effect when increasing your cardiovascular fitness, it is also a calming task that many people enjoy doing.

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