Tips On Finding Pet Sitters Before Going On Road Trips

Tips On Finding Pet Sitters

One of the main things stopping individuals from hitting the road each year are their pets. It is perfectly understandable to not want to leave your pet in the hands of a boarding facility or kennel, taking them out of your home and placing them in a new environment where they may feel nervous or uncomfortable. This is why finding a pet sitter is the ultimate solution. When you have a reliable pet sitter you can rest easy on your trip knowing that your pet is safe at home where they feel the most comfort and in the hands of a trusted individual. Before you even head to the RV rentals location to get the vehicle for your trip, you should already have a pet sitter in mind. Here are some tips on finding the perfect, trustworthy sitter.

Friends And Family

There is no more trustworthy source than friends and family when it comes to pet sitting duties. Don’t forget that it is not just your pet that is in their hands, but they will be inside your home. For this reason, trusted friends are always your best bet. Your friend will most likely already know your pet as well, which means they will have a better idea of how to take care of it and also that your pet will be less uncomfortable since it is not a stranger watching them. Oftentimes the best situation is to have your friend stay at your house while you are on your trip. This way they can look after the house as well, and it will make your pet more comfortable since they will get used to the situation over time.

Even though you are entrusting your pet to a trusted friend or family member, always remember that you should still leave a detailed list of instructions. This will help your chosen sitter understand what needs to be done and assure that there will be no confusion.

Professional Services

While many people shy away from professional pet sitting services in favor of a friend or family member, it is important to remember that the best of these services are incredibly professional and trustworthy. After all, their reputation as a business is on the line. These companies carefully screen their employees and make sure that they are providing nothing but the best services at every step of the process.

With many of these services, you can rest easy when out on the road since they will send you pictures of your pet daily to assure that they are doing fine. You will also receive reports from your sitter letting you know any issues or asking questions. If you’ve forgotten about something or need to emphasize a certain care aspect you can send this through or give them a call. Day-to-day communication is important, and these services do provide this aspect.

Like when purchasing any service, make sure to check out the reviews online to make sure you are hiring a service with an excellent track record. Then you can head off the RV rentals location with the peace of mind in knowing your pet is in the hands of a trustworthy and highly efficient service.

Independent Sitters

Independent Sitters

All you have to do is pull up Craigslist or take a look at the billboard at any community center to see the ads for many independent pet sitters offering their services. These are individuals who are working apart from the professional services, and they often come much cheaper than using those services since there are less fees involved. Just because they are not affiliated with a professional service doesn’t mean you should steer clear. Oftentimes these independent sitters are just as trustworthy and efficient, and many of them come from a background of working in professional pet sitting services. There are several things to watch out for. First, make sure that they have a good resume on offer. Second, make sure that they have a list of references. And third, look them up online to find some reviews. Some of the best sitters will offer these as well. Also make sure that you meet them ahead of time so that you can get a sense for their pet sitting style and also introduce them to your pet.

When going this route, it is best to use recommendations. Ask a friend who uses pet sitters which ones they prefer. Even if you don’t know anyone who uses sitters, you can look up local business forums online and see which independent sitters are known to be trustworthy and provide excellent service.

Leaving your beloved pet in the hands of somebody else can be a terrifying experience. Having them in the hands of a service or individual you trust, however, can really take away a large part of the worry. This is why choosing the best sitter is just as important as looking at RV rentals or any other aspect of planning your road trip.

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