Top 5 Android App Development Trends of 2018

latest Android app development trends

Despite there are a few prominent mobile platforms, Android leads the landscape with more than 85% in the market. Mobility has become important for every enterprise with more users utilizing their mobile phones to access the internet. It is quite evident, the digital strategy of organizations now requires focus on mobile devices too. You must agree, as compared to mobile web, users put in more time on mobile apps. Hence, Android can be categorized as a great way for businesses to engage with customers and increase revenue.

Developed by Google, Android has been regularly enhanced with every new edition. From Cupcake in 2009, Android has progressed with its latest Oreo release in 2017, making it powerful, faster, and secure. Hence, most of the businesses already have their own mobile apps, but to shine among 3.6 million Android apps in Google Play Store need extra efforts. Therefore, it is recommended to aware of the latest Android app development trends.

  1. AI & Machine Learning in Android Development

Machine learning enables any Android app to recognize complicated prototypes. Nowadays, the technology is attracting users to more advanced patterns with Artificial Intelligence. In coming years, we would be analyzing different verticals of AI, such as:

  • Deep Learning Theory: A neural network with the capability that replicates the human brain. This network is a statistical model majorly inspired by and partially modeled on biological neural networks.
  • Hybrid Learning Model: Various neural networks like GANs and DRL, have shown huge performance with numerous types of data. We are likely to see deeper hybrid learning model in Android development by the next year.
  • Capsule Network: This is an innovative deep neural network; helps to manage the hierarchical relationships. You can use the Capsule network extensively in neural network architectures.
  • Automated Machine Learning: This technology enables business clients to design a machine learning model for their business applications with no complicated programming environment.
  1. IoT in Android Development

Internet of things is spreading across the world and it is regularly reshaping the Android app development. In an extremely short span of time, technology has bound millions of smartphones and mobile devices. We always try to hunt, what new has emerged in the tech market. In 2018, you can find these Android development apps in the bucket:

  • The business apps with IoT sensor
  • Big data for Android applications
  • More accessible healthcare apps utilizing IoT
  • New network security in Android apps
  1. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is an open source project, started with the joint action of Google and Twitter. The technology allows the developers to build complicated web pages that can be loaded quickly across all mobile devices. This means web pages built with the help of AMP tends to load 15 to 85% faster than the non-AMP web pages. Accelerated mobile pages offer a remote search index for any android application page. Thus, AMP is beneficial with some modifications and improvements as mentioned:

  • Higher CTR
  • Easy visitor study
  • Mobile searching Index
  • Less migration effort
  • High page ranking
  1. Android Native Apps

As we know, native apps work like a website, so this year, Android native or instant application can attract more customers with convenient effects. You can take advantages of such apps without installation. It can be estimated that in the upcoming years, Android native apps would be useful in the following ways:

  • You will be able to share the native app to other devices effortlessly
  • You can access the application by installing it on your device
  • Android instant app would be compatible with all Android versions
  • You will get enough space on your smart device with Android native apps.
  1. Cloud-Based Android Apps

Cloud-based technology is inevitably much easier and faster to access data without any effort; hence, Android experts are focusing more on cloud driven apps. Now, you can see cloud services with some innovative trends in 2018 while developing Android apps.

Some benefits of cloud-based apps are mentioned below:

  • Data security for commercial business or enterprises
  • Web browsing will be fast with no trouble on Android smart devices
  • Online cloud apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. will offer more data space with Android system
  • Data streaming, including Audio/Video, online gaming, etc. can be more versatile on cloud driven applications


Mobile apps have always been the center of innovation for several years. With the modern technologies and ever-growing market, it is difficult to stay relevant, as well as competitive. With, the largest market flexibility and penetration, mobile devices proved to be the appropriate devices to be targeted by organizations. This brings an opportunity for you to leverage the above-mentioned android app development trends of 2018, in order to steal the show with your app this year.

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