Top Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui Within Your Home

Top Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui Within Your Home

Having good feng shui within the home is becoming a very popular practice. Just like yoga, many people were unsure and slightly hesitant when it came to understand feng shui and the positive energy and atmosphere it can create. Yoga is something that is extremely positive for the mind, body and soul and by introducing feng shui to your home, it’s thought that the positive vibes will help to enhance your life in many different ways.

Prepare Your Bedroom Properly

The “commanding position” is one that feng sui uses to position the important furniture pieces in the right place. When it comes to the bedroom, the bed is by far the most important furniture piece used, therefore it must be positioned properly. In feng shui, the correct position for your bed is facing the door, but not directly opposite it. For those who can’t really position their bed this way due to the shape or size of the room, try to position a mirror close to the bed that reflects the door, so that the positioning is as close to perfect as you can get it.

Whilst you’re working on adding feng shui to your bedroom, another important thing to remember is to cover the television. Having your television covered when not in use is helpful for better sleeping routines, as well as creating a calming energy, which electronical devices can often disrupt. You can find a range of unique bed designs and television storage here, or similarly you could invest in some aesthetically pleasing sheets or covers to place over your tv when it’s not in use.

Carry Out Best Practices

There are specific practices that when put into place, can really help to enhance the positive feng shui within your home. One of the main practices for good feng shui is to use the front door or entrance to your home. Many people have started to use side or back doors as their everyday entrance to the home, but this doesn’t work when you want feng shui. Using the front door is supposed to represent how the chi enters your home, which is the main element that will help to enhance your life and bring you those good vibes.

According to feng shui, having water within your home represents wealth and fortune. Now, with the bathroom being a place where water is forced to leave the home, whether that’s through flushing the toilet or using the sink, this can be seen as flushing away money and fortune, which is the last thing you want to do. With this in mind, for positive feng shui its advised that you keep your bathroom door closed at all times, as this will help to eliminate the negative energy and keep the energy within your home positive and strong. You could also attempt to keep the toilet lid closed too, as this again will help to keep the bad thoughts of waste and water disposal at bay.

Embrace Light and Air

Two of the most important elements for good feng shui are light and are. By embracing the natural light flow that travels into your home, you are able to enhance the positive energy that is brought into your home and creates good feng shui. The same applies for the air within your home, you want your home to feel fresh, open and airy in order to capture those good feng shui vibes. Make the most of the light and air that does travel into your home, whether that’s opening curtains and windows for long periods within the day, or having your doors open for a few hours a day to make sure there’s plenty filtering throughout your home. You can find some really useful bi-folding doors here, that are ideal for opening your home up to the fresh, bright outdoors.

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