Diploma Courses in Delhi University: A Complete Guide for 2017

University Diploma

The university degree (DU) is a certification created and authorized by a university. It sanctions a specific training course, created to meet local or regional needs not covered by the national diplomas. It does not fit into the LMD system.

General informations

  • A university degree (DU) in France is a university-specific diploma, in contrast to the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, which are national diplomas, ie “state diplomas”.
  • A university organizes, as it wishes, this type of diploma: method of access, duration of preparation, evaluation.
  • A DU is by definition organized by a university, while the IUDs (Inter-university Diplomas) associate several universities to organize the same training (which often takes place in different cities).
  • Some DUs may be enrolled in the National Register of Professional Qualifications (RNCP) and / or recognized by institutes (eg the Institute of Actuarial Science) or orders (eg the Medical Association).
  • At the Unistra des DU in the French language you are offered, some of which are recognized throughout the world!

To know the DU offered at the Unistra, as well as the conditions of admission and registration, we invite you to consult our training search engine , and of course the components that organize them!

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