Universty National Diplomas

National Diplomas

In addition to the national diplomas, the Paris-Sud University issues its own diplomas.These university degrees (DUs) can be shared with one or more institutions. This is called an inter-university diploma (IUD). They can be offered in initial (FI) or continuing education (CF) training.


University Diploma in International Technological Studies (DUETI) 3 IUT
OF of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship (OF 3 E)
OF Training to designing personal and applying experimental procedures and animal experimentation projects
THE French Foreign Language and specialties ( Level Degree) 3 IUT
DU METHODS et Organization (DUMO SCUIO)
DU of musician intervening in the kindergarten and elementary school (DUMI)

At the UFR of Droit-Economie et Gestion à Seals ( see website )

European Graduate Diploma GRATIANUS: States, religions, freedoms; Law and History in Europe
Law, Religions, Societies
of Public Law of Business
of the Comparative and International Legal Studies (of the EJCI)
of the Legal Studies for the students of the Louvre School of the
Languages ​​and Civilizations
of Commerce and Business in China
of the Preparation To the Certificates of General History of the Art of the Ecole du Louvre

At the Faculty of Medicine in Kremlin-Bicêtre ( see the website )

IUD Scientific Acupuncture: Evidence-based medicine and practice
IUD Addictions, Psychiatry, HIV and Viral Hepatitis: Transversal approach and public health issues
IUD targeted biotherapy of inflammatory and autoimmune
IUD genitourinary oncology
IUD pediatric oncology
IUD Cancers Hepatology Bilio-Pancreatic Strategies Onco-Surgical Hepatic and Pancreatic Cancers Bililary: Onco-surgical Strategies
IUD surgery of the middle ear
IUD Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
oral oncology IUD
respiratory Physiotherapy IUD in Pediatrics and neonatal Intensive Care pediatric and
fetal Medicine IUD
Practices IUD gynecological and breast oncology
IUD Tabacology and aid to smoking cessation
laparoscopic techniques in visceral surgery IUD
IUD child’s pain in daily practice
IUD mental health Pain
IUD gynecological and obstetrical ultrasound
IUD depth studies polyarth rites and systemic diseases
IUD Explorations gynecological consultation: colposcopy, hysteroscopy
IUD Management infections and complementary care in oncology and hematology
IUD Hepatology, Gastroenterology and Pediatric Nutrition
IUD Clinical Hypnosis
IUD digestive imaging
IUD imaging Oncology
IUD pediatric and perinatal imaging (PPI )
IUD head and neck imaging
IUD noninvasive vascular imaging
IUD sleep and Pathology
IUD cardiovascular diseases in the elderly
IUD child Maltreatment: from diagnosis to forensic aspects
IUD sleep medicine applied gerontology
IUD molecular medicine in cancer
personalized Medicine and pharmacogenomics IUD
IUD Néphropathologie
IUD peripheral
IUD pediatric Oncology
IUD pregnancy and maternal pathologies
IUD Pedagogy medical
IUD Practices psychocorporal and integrative Medicine
IUD support of HIV
IUDs the Psychiatry Scabies
IUD psychiatry for general assistants in psychiatry
IUD psychiatry liaison and somatic mental health care
IUD Resuscitation and Pediatric Emergencies
IUD Translational Research and Innovation therapeuthic in the nervous system
IUD painful pediatric care: a philosophy of good treatment practice Daily
DIU Therapeutic strategies in ophthalmology: everyday practices
IUDs for smoking cessation and tobacco cessation
DIU Surgical techniques for seniors, carcinologists and
IUDs Thyroidology IUDs Organ transplantation and tissue transplants
IUDs Endocrine tumors
IUDs Trauma emergencies

General Addictionology (in e-learning)
Practical Addictology: “Clinic, mechanisms and management”
DU of Carcinology cervico-facial
DU of Clinical
Carcinology OF Integrated thoracic carcinology – TORINO
OF Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
DU Minimal Invasive Digestive Surgery
DU Of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic
Surgery of Preoperative and Peri-implant Surgery
DU Competencies in Psychiatric Care
DU Coordination in Cancer Care and Networks
OF Hemodynamic Failures of the Child and the Newborn
Mourning and Mourning
Pain in Oncology
Of Education and Intervention for Health: Primary Prevention of Cancers
of Perinatal Endocrinology
of Ethics and Practices of Health and Care
of Existence in Oncology (Excellence in Oncology)
of Upper Biomedical Training of
Genetics and Reproduction: Genetic Diagnosis of Infertility and Preconception – preimplantation – Prenatal to the management of patients Clinical and experimental Hematology
Hypnosis in anesthesia
OF Operative hysteroscopy
DU Imaging of women
Cerebral palsy and polyhandicap
DU Acute circulatory failure: from diagnosis to treatment
Emergency Medicine: Severe trauma, Management of the first 24 hours
of Emergency Medicine: Severe trauma, management of the first 24 hours outsourced in New Caledonia
DU Organization of the surgical outpatient networks of the
Pathology of the infectious pathologies of the pregnant woman, the fetus and the Newborn
DU Preservation of fertility, sexuality and cancer
DU Prevention of pathological aging
OF Psychism and Perinatality
OF Psychopathology of children and adolescents and somatic diseases
Radiobiology and Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy
DU Radiotherapy of cancer ENT
OF Clinical reasoning and stratum Of
newborn resuscitation in the birth room: pathophysiology and management of disorders of adaptation to the ectopic life of
DU Liver resuscitation
DU Clinical Research in Oncology (DURCO)
DU Translational research and Clinique en Cancérologie
DU Biomedical specialization
DU Statistics and life sciences
DU Strategies for the paramedical care of severe traumatized patients in the hospital
DU Professional stress and care practices
OF Organ Transplantation: Coordination, Care, Therapeutic Education and New Issues
Of Pulmonary and Cardiopulmonary Transplantations
Pediatric Emergencies and Transport

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