What Do Users Say About Sony Television 2018

Users Say About Sony Television 2018

When it comes to smart television, you will find several popular television sets from reputed television manufacturers in the market. Better image quality, decent quantity of polish, build quality, durability, and price are often the commonest aspects that are taken into consideration.

Comparison to other promising television brands

There are a few factors on which performance of Sony TV models is compared with other television models on the market.

  • Good Motion Handling

This television company is a pioneer in the field of motion features. With the best level of interpolation and amazing “image flickering ability,” user is going to experience greater clarity of motion.

  • Great Upscaling

The cheapest models manufactured by this company tend to give better performance than average, during upscaling low resolution content.

Some of the best Smart TVs models

This television company brings up an extensive line of remarkable mid-range and high-end television set models.


This is regarded as one of the best television models manufactured by this company till date. Based on OLED technology, it provides the best quality image to its users. This technology enables the television to reproduce deep and even blacks, thus providing an infinite contrast ratio.

Along with its exemplary image quality and striking design, this model is the most versatile of all other models of this company. Its remarkable motion handling, better viewing angles and improved handling of reflection makes it the best in different types of usage. This television model is capable of reproducing a broad gamut of colors. So, it is regarded as the best performer for High Definition Range (an aspect which is considered to be an important feature these days).


This is another highly appreciated model among users that provides them the best performance at 60% less price. This is one of the most sold products by world’s leading e-commerce retailer, Amazon. With this television model, you are going to get a good contrast with an effective “local dimming feature” that is seen to enhance the thrill of watching.


If you are searching for an entry level 4k high definition television model, then the X800E model will be absolutely perfect for you. This model provides a wider than normal viewing angle, which makes it appropriate for a living room.

The only downside of this model is that it won’t give you the best image quality. So, if your priority is to get finest pictures then go for the pricier television models as described above. This model provides an overall good television viewing experience.

It has been advised to users that this model does not perform so well when you mostly prefer watching your television in a dark room. If you are a sports lover and intend to buy a TV for watching sports, then this could be a good option for you. Its low input and low motion make it best suited to play video games on it.


This company has been known to be the most preferred TV manufacturers in the world. Reviewing the smart features of different TV models will help you a lot in gaining clarity and make a wise decision.

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