What is the serviced apartment charter?

What is the serviced apartment charter

It is very likely that you haven’t heard of the Serviced Apartment Charter before today, but it is possible that it will affect you in the future.

As society moves forward, there has been an increased demand for improved living services, especially for people who live in apartments and flats. Now, many apartment buildings feature hotel-like services such as a manned reception and a weekly cleaning service. This is very useful, and it is an industry that has a lot of potential, which is exactly why the Serviced Apartment Charter has been set up.

The Serviced Apartment Charter

The Charter aims to clearly define the aparthotel industry, helping to raise consumer and investor awareness. There has been some confusion in the past surrounding aparthotels and the services that they should provide, but the charter has now defined an aparthotel as an apartment building that provides hotel-like services including:

The Serviced Apartment Charter

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-A reception that is manned on a full-time basis. This can include a concierge service that provides additional services to the residents, or it can simply consist of a member of staff who can help with various tasks, such as collecting mail and providing spare keys.

-A weekly cleaning service. This may be included in the rent for the apartment, but it could also be an extra charge that you can choose to opt in or out of. This is very useful for people who are too busy to clean regularly, and it provides cleaning services with consistent work.

-Food or drinks. This could simply be a coffee machine and a vending machine, or it could be a café.

-Providing communal areas such as a gym, garden or lobby. This can be included in the cost of the apartment or added on as an extra charge.

-A mix of differently sized apartments, including studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units.

A laundry room complete with dryers.

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Providing this service

Of course, it is important for the apartment building to work with other companies to provide a complete service. For example, the building’s owners may want to team up with a cleaning service, a catering service and maybe even personal trainers to work in the gym.

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