What to do on a trip to Sri Lanka

on a trip to Sri Lanka

Is a trip to Sri Lanka in the works for you soon? If you have booked the ticket, but haven’t worked out what you are doing yet, this article will help you with your itinerary planning. Let’s get into it below…

1) Scale Sigiriya

Start your holiday in Sri Lanka by summitting Sigiriya.  Considered to be one of this country’s most revered spots, this monolithic rock was where King Kasyapa built his capital, with full knowledge that his brother, whose throne he usurped years earlier would likely be coming back to exact his revenge.

Despite the enormous tactical advantage he enjoyed, the overwhelming attack and lack of loyalty of his soldiers ensured his demise.

Today, Sigiriya is a monument to a heady time in Sri Lanka’s past, but like those who once lived here, you won’t be able to witness its grandeur easily, as you’ll need to climb its endless staircases to reach its lofty peak.

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2) Visit the Temple of the Tooth

Buddhist temple enthusiasts will love the opportunity to check out the Temple of the Tooth during a trip in Kandy.

Named for the fact that it contains a relic of the Buddha (namely, one of the religious figure’s teeth, hence the name), it is an impressive structure.

This is due to Kandy being the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings – within, you’ll find paintings on the walls and ceiling, in addition to the usual Buddha images associated with attractions of this sort.

3) Tour tea plantations in the highlands

Sri Lanka is also known for the quality of the tea grown in its hills. While exploring the country, make a point to go on a tour that will take you through the most impressive farms in its countryside.

From the strong teas grown around Kandy to the mild drinks produced from the leaves produced in Nuwara Eliya, it will be an educational day filled with plenty of photographic opportunities.

4) Go on a wildlife safari in Yala National Park

End your time in Sri Lanka by discovering its finest fauna in Yala National Park. Spared the worst of the Sri Lankan Civil War, elephants, crocodiles, leopards, and other animals can be found in abundance in this protected area in the south of this island nation.

When you aren’t snapping its many creatures, this park also has a number of picturesque beaches and wetlands – in short, prepare to snap a ton of pics.

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