When your phone is your big screen

mobile postpaid bill payment offers

Watching live cricket matches or your favourite movies is a breeze when you have Airtel TV on your phone.

There was a time when watching TV was one of the highlights of your family’s day. The entire family would gather in front of the TV set, there would be minor squabbles about who could have the remote control, and everybody would watch one TV programme together.

Then the years passed by, and Internet technology brought much more television into your lives. Only this time, there was no need to gather around the TV set – you could download your preferred content and watch whatever you wanted on your desktop computer and laptop. You would even borrow VCDs and DVDs of movies from your friends and watch them at your leisure. Soon, you forgot what ‘family TV time’ was.

And now, you’ve even forgotten what it’s like to watch TV shows, sporting matches or films on your TV screen or laptop – because you watch them on your mobile phone screen! But not all mobile phone users are lucky enough to be able to do so – Airtel postpaid users certainly can.

Why get Airtel postpaid for your phone?

Airtel postpaid has a range of excellent plans for your city, with reasonable prices and a host of benefits. However, one of its most attractive features is its ability to morph your phone into your personal entertainment console on the go. You can do this with the help of the Airtel TV app, which provides curated content for scores of TV shows and thousands of movies. During prime sports seasons, you can watch important matches wherever you may be by streaming them live on your phone.

Besides, Airtel has the best mobile postpaid bill payment offers. You can avail of these offers at the time of paying your monthly bill. Just log on to the Airtel website or myAirtel app, and avail of the mobile postpaid bill payment offers on at the time. The mobile postpaid bill payment offers are immediately applicable when you opt for them. From cashback or discounts on your next shopping spree, or a free month of TV watching to reward points redeemable for an attractive benefit, Airtel postpaid has the best range of mobile postpaid bill payment offers across all providers today.

What’s more, Airtel also offers a large amount of monthly data (starting from 20 GB per month on the Rs 399 plan), always-on network coverage, unlimited calling (local, STD, roaming) and with certain plans, access to Wynk Music, mobile handset repair protection, and also a one-year free subscription to Amazon Prime.

Airtel also has amongst the best customer service personnel in the country. You can initiate the purchase of a new Airtel postpaid connection online, and you will receive a call within just a few hours to take the request forward. In just a few days, you will have a brand new Airtel SIM in your phone – and a whole new world of possibilities!

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