Why bifold doors are becoming so popular

bifold doors in Pinner

Bifold doors are it seems all the rage at the moment, or maybe I should say bifold doors are making a comeback. They have been around since the times of the Ancient Romans, who it is said, ‘disliked single-leaf doors and wherever possible, both inside and out, they used double or even folding doors’. A folding door is a type of door which opens by folding back in sections or so-called panels. They are also known as bifold doors, even though they often contain more than two panels. They are incredibly versatile in being able to form an internal room divider, as well as being used for exterior doors. The fact that they can fold and slide to one side gives an aperture to walk through considerably larger than your standard front or back door. They also really open a room up and considerably increase both physical and visual accessibility between either two internal rooms or an internal room and an outside space.

What other advantages do they have?

Bifold doors are generally made from aluminium or UPVC, so are very low maintenance and have modern contemporary looks, which works just as well in modern or older properties. They are slimmer and less conspicuous than French doors or traditional patio doors and allow maximum visibility, without compromising strength or security. They offer thermal efficiency, are waterproof and provide maximum light to enter and excellent visibility to the outside. As they slide and stack to one side, they allow multiple people to move freely through at the same time, and are much simpler for things such as wheelchair access, which through a standard door, can be a bit tight. It is not only the home where they are practical and can be used in a variety of commercial environments too.

Do they work best in new homes or when updating older ones?

The beauty of the bifold door is that they work equally well on new houses and older properties that are looking to be updated. If you are looking for bifold doors in Pinner to update a property, or on brand new property elsewhere, your local installer will undoubtedly have the perfect product to fit your needs and décor. Bifold doors come in a wide range of colours and styles, and can be set up in whatever configuration you want, with the doors sliding to the left, to the right, or straight down the middle, folding both ways, so you can create the internal environment and atmosphere you desire.

While lengthy guarantees are common on both the doors and the installation, it is still advisable to select a FENSA registered installer. FENSA is the largest and longest established Competent Person Scheme within the replacement window and door industry. Pricing is competitive, but look to go with the company that will sit down with you and individually design what you really want, rather than what is convenient for them to sell

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