Why Ready Mix Concrete Saves Time on Construction Projects

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Timing is a crucial element in pouring ready mix concrete. Otherwise, you may have to wait too long for the concrete to arrive or the mixture will set before it can be poured. Therefore, choosing a company that offers timed deliveries can streamline the work at your construction site.

Therefore, placing an order for ready mix concrete should enable you to realise delivery at a specific time and spot. To facilitate the activity, you first need to obtain a quote for the amount of concrete you will need and the service. Also, ask about the size of the lorries that deliver the cement. If the vehicles are smaller in size, they often can deliver ready mix concrete to areas that are more difficult to reach. Make sure that the company with which you work can also access sites with limited entry.

The Cement Is Manufactured in Bulk

You do not need to know how many ready mix concrete bags in London you will need for a project. That is because the concrete is produced in bulk instead of using bags. Therefore, a site experiences less pollution from dust and more cement is saved.

Every project has different requirements. Therefore, the delivered quantity is an important consideration. The quality of ready mix concrete is assured as the substance is produced under carefully controlled conditions using only the finest raw materials.

Ready mix concrete is especially designed for high-speed builds. Again, time is of the essence when you use an RMC mix. RMC is a versatile product as it can be placed by various methods and supports different uses. Therefore, the concrete mix can be customised to back the placement techniques used by a contractor.

You do not have to store the cement, either, as it is delivered pre-mixed. Therefore, you do not have to worry about storing such products as aggregates, water, admixtures, or cement. You also save time and money as RMC does not require the erection or dismantling of a batching plant. You do not have to hire equipment nor add to the depreciation costs as well.

Planning Is Important

When RMC is used, you will also experience less air or noise pollution. Less diesel fuel or petrol is also consumed when choosing this concrete method. Again, timeliness must be followed in the placement of the concrete. If the transit of the material is delayed, placement can be a problem. Because of the large volume of concrete used in a short timeframe, the contractor should make sure that the arrangement and placement of the material is planned in advance.

If you make the proper plans, you can realise a reduction in cement use as high as 12%. This is due to more efficient handling and correct mixing procedures. A further reduction is possible if mineral admixtures are employed.

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