Why Tile Resurfacing Is Better Than Tile Renovating

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Are you tired of the old wall tiles on your bathroom? The worn tiles make you desperately cleaning them and nothing work out. Well, it is okay to do a total bathroom renovation. However, it means that you have to prepare a lot of money to hire the team, buy new tiles, buy the installation kits, and others. If you wish that you do not have to replace the tiles but they look like new, it is still possible.West Coast Resurfacing as the professional tile resurfacing Perth help your dream comes true. You can do tile resurfacing. Therefore,you do not have to replace the tiles, but make the existing tiles fresh and new.

Why Tile Resurfacing Is Better Than Tile Renovating?

Have you wondered why new tiles are shining? The answer is because they have new glazing. The surface deep creates the huge difference between the old and the new tiles. By the time, the glazed surface faded, worn and chip out. Tile resurfacing means our professional tile resurfacing Perth specialist will remove or refix the loose tiles and repair the chips, including all defects.

Here are the following reasons why resurfacing ceramic tiles are better than tile renovating:

  • To resurface tiles, you only hire a tile specialist. To renovate bathroom tiles, you have to hire some workers. It is because you want to remove all the tiles. After that, you still have to hire the tile specialist to install the tiles.
  • Resurfacing tiles save your money. Hire a single specialist, no need to buy new tiles, materials, pay for workers, and pay for the skip bins to remove the renovation waste.
  • A professional tile specialist can complete the resurface process in one to two days. It is because resurfacing the tiles is quick. Nevertheless, it takes many days to complete bathroom renovation.
  • You save more than 80% of your renovation expense when you do Perth tiles resurfacing.

How Do We Work?

West Coast Resurfacing removes and replaces tile grouting. As a result, the entire tiles surface has a uniform look. Besides, we remove the plumbing fittings to make the process easier, if necessary. Our professional bathroom resurfacing Perth specialist will clean the tiles first to give a perfect resurfacing process. We also cover the areas we do not resurface to protect it from the spray. Besides, we use a high-quality bonding product. Then, we apply for more than four coats to the tiles surface. To support the drying process, we also use heat drying.

Our recommended tile resurfacing Perth service is also the ideal solution to remove mold, mildew, grout lines, prevent bacterial growth and solve any water damage issues. If you live in Perth and you need any help regarding to resurface tiles on walls, foyers, and even hallways, we are ready to wait your call at 0467 000 443.

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