Why You Need to Get Your Boiler Serviced

Get Your Boiler Serviced

The boiler is an essential home appliance used to heat up the water and provide warmth during the winter months. Some people keep their boilers turned on throughout the year although in most cases, the boiler is shut off during the summer months. If you leave the appliance turned off for several months and then turn it off full blast, it’s unlikely to work efficiently. Naturally, there’s a risk that the boiler will stop working altogether. It’s one of the reasons why so many heating engineers are booked around the clock just before the winter months arrive.

If you arrange for a home visit from any engineer, it may take them a few days to show up at your place. Do you really want to put yourself through the discomfort? Why not just learn a thing or two about how to maintain your boiler properly? Boiler servicing could greatly improve the boiler’s performance and minimise the risk of a breakdown. There are many important reasons why you should book in a boiler service in West London before the winter months begin. Here are some of them.

Cleaning the Pipes

When you contact a heating engineer for a boiler service, make sure that you do so on a weekend. This way, you can supervise while the heating engineers get to work. They will remove all the wires and pipes connecting the water heater and then clean each and every thing from scratch. This helps get rid of the dirt and grime that gets stuck in the pipes, and allows for smooth water flow. In many cases, the pipes connecting to the boiler tend to choke, which affects the efficiency of the machine.

However, this is just one part of the thorough service. Once the pipes have been cleaned, the engineers will check the wiring and the current flow. They will also inspect the internal components installed within the boiler, such as the thermocouple and the thermostat. The pilot will be checked and if you have a gas heater, they will remove any dirt that may have gotten stuck in the small holes.

Reduces Energy Consumption

A boiler that has recently been serviced tends to work much more efficiently and smoothly as compared to one that hasn’t been cleaned and serviced in a long while. You will notice a significant drop in energy consumption over time as your boiler works efficiently. You don’t need to worry about breakdowns, either; the boiler will run smoothly without any issues or weird noises and last you all throughout the winters. Just make sure that you get it serviced at least once in a year to keep it running without any major problems.

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